Super Scoper 2000
Mod Type: Sight
Mod Effect: Adds 6x Scope
Weight 0.50
Sell Value: 250

Super Scoper 2000 in The Outer Worlds is a Ranged Weapon Mod. Super Scoper 2000 adds a 6x scope for a ranged weapon. Ranged Weapon Mods modify your Ranged Weapons such as Bullet, Energy, and Science weapons which improves them in many ways. There are different types of Mods including Magazines, Sights, and Barrels.


Replaces a weapon's iron sights with a magnifying optical scope, allowing precision shots at greater range.


Super Scoper 2000 Information

  • This mod can be attached to ???
  • Attaches a 6x scope that gradually increases the weapon's range



Super Scoper 2000 Location/Acquisition



Super Scoper 2000 Notes

  • Mods can only be installed when you modify a Ranged Weapon using a Workbench
  • IMPORTANT: Mods can't be removed once they're used, so put them on your favorite gear



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    • Anonymous

      A hell of a good sight but unfortunately a large majority of the enemies will not render. Depending on the distance from the player when firing at half to Max range depends on which enemies spawn where and when. For example on scylla I bought the hunting rifle Ultra I'm attached the super scoper 2000 because that map is large and open from the landing pad. Unfortunately most of the enemies did not render in only mechanicals on the road spawned in that's when I got there the corpses / bodies were gone. So if you get this scope use it for fun and looking at the scenery because x 6 is not necessary for the first half of the game but it is good to have in case you ever find a use for it. The scope will cost you roughly 3000 bits depending on your character statistics, stats, skills and perks. But most of all the full vending machines where you get them mrv only locations to get these specific mods such as the scope. Location edgewater landing pad bullets 'n things Vending machine and must have the following skill hack at base of 40 with buffs with out and debuffs applying.

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