Lying Earth

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Location Byzantium - Minister Clarke
Rewards ??

Lying Earth is one of the Tasks in The Outer Worlds. Tasks are optional quests that players can chose to complete in order to obtain special rewards, XP, or reputation.


Minister Clarke has asked you to send a message to Earth.

Lying Earth Objectives

  • Send Minister Clarke's Message
    Minister Clarke has a message for the Earth Directorate, and one of the only terminals in Halcyon capable of transmitting to the Earthbound message drone in the Chairman's office.

    Go to the HHC building in Byzantium and send his message.
  • Objective 2


Lying Earth Walkthrough

You will receive this quest after speaking to Minister Clarke in Byzantium during The City and the Stars quest.

If you've completed Balance Due you will have access to the HHC building and won't need to use the Maintenance Tunnels. Once inside the HHC building use the the Minister's HHC Access Card to open the door on the left. Use the terminal and you can print the keycard to gain the Ministry of Accuracy and Morale Key. You can also send Minister Clarke's message completing the Lying Earth quest and earning you a small amount of Negative Reputation with The Board.


Lying Earth Rewards

Unlocks quest: ??

Other Rewards:??


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