Anton Crane

Faction: Auntie Cleo
Location: Roseway

Anton Crane is an NPC in The Outer Worlds. NPCs are not able to be controlled by the player, but interacted with and are often a part of Quests within the game. Some will play a larger role than others, and some can even be recruited as Companions.



Anton Crane in The Outer Worlds

Anton Crane is a member of Auntie Cleo. He and his research team experiment with raptidons brought from Monarch in hopes of creating a product for the company profitable enough to allow them to move to Byzantium.  

The player first sees Anton in the distress call, and he is named a person of interest following UDL distress protocol along with Orson Shaw and Vaughn Cortes.

When the Unplanned Variable first encounters Anton in person he like the rest of the inhabitants of Roseway mistake the player for an outlaw here to kill him.  The player can offer to help retrieve Anton's research as well as locate his missing protege Jameson. 

The Unplanned Variable can be dismissive of Anton claiming he doesn't care for his colleagues beyond the paperwork he has to do should harm befall them. Anton counters that they are his responsibility and his terminal entries indicate he knows he's too harsh on them especially Jameson, but only because he knows of his potential. It is also worthy of note that during the testing phases of his toothpaste formula he continually raised concerns about the side effects of blindness, even when told to ignore them and work on the flavor instead. 

Anton Crane Location

  • He can be found in the town of Roseway



Anton Crane Related Quests



Anton Crane Dialog

Dialog of NPC



Anton Crane Notes & Trivia

  • English voiced by: ?? (Believed to be voiced by Desmond Askew)

Depending on how the player treats Anton -and if they let Cassandra O'Malley live- he might end up on either Groundbreaker or Byzantium. In the former case, Anton expresses thanks to the player and hopes to leave Halcyon though a ticket to do so is too expensive. The Unplanned Variable can offer to have Anton work with Phineas but Anton politely turns them down. In the latter case Anton can be found seated on a bench in Byzantium. He has been selected for Early Retirement and if the player has already done the quest Why Call Them Back From Retirement they can warn him of its actual purpose.

At the end of side quest The Doom That Came to Roseway, it is possible for Anton Crane to commit suicide. This can happen in two ways; either by failing to give him Auntie Cleo's Research Data or by picking either of the following dialogue options after giving him the data.

  • "Of course."
  • "Was there anything else?"

When he asks you your thoughts on the purpose of the data you've just handed him, pick either of the following dialogue options.

  • "Your only interest was in your research and your life. To hell with everyone else."
  • "[Medical 30] Reducing the appetites of people performing physical labor is potentially life threatening."

Finally, pick the following dialogue option.

  • "[Persuade 30] Your life won't have meaning anywhere. You're empty, and bitter, and will be wherever you go."

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