Bonus: Improves your ability to get through and around security
Max Rank: 50

Stealth is a Core Skill in The Outer Worlds. Stealth improves your ability to get through and around security. You can increase your Stealth skill by spending Skill Points when you level up or from some pieces of Armor.


Stealth Information

  • Stealth improves your ability to get through and around security
  • Each point in Stealth significantly increases Sneak, Hack, and Lockpick skills, up to 50 points each.


Ways to Increase Stealth


Stealth Notes and Trivia

  • Points are first placed into the core skill (e.g. Melee) of the specialized skill (e.g. 1-Handed Melee) which improves all of the specialized skills in that group up to Rank 50.
  • Once it reaches Rank 50, skill points can be directly added to the specialized skill to increase the effect up to Rank 100 (Base Game) / 150 (Only available whit Peril on Gorgon DLC).
  • Some armor, consumables and status effects can temporarily raise and lower the effects of your skills.



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