Vulcan's Hammer

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Location Roseway
Rewards 21000xp
1875 Bit Cartridge
Auntie Cleo Reputation Up

Vulcan's Hammer is one of the Side Quests in The Outer Worlds. Side Quests are optional quests that players can chose to complete in order to obtain special rewards, XP, or reputation.


Orson Shaw, one of Roseway's labcoats, has been tinkering with a prototype pistol. He left schematics for it in the town's Storage Facility, but didn't have a chance to grab them when the marauders attacked. He'd like them returned.

Vulcan's Hammer Objectives

  • Retrieve Orson's Schematics
    Auntie Cleo's Storage Facility can be found by leaving Roseway via the south entrance and passing east, over hills and countryside.
    The door to the armor is locked. You found a note (Storage Facility Passcode) indicating the passcode can be found with someone named "Masha" or at the old Auntie-Biotics Lab front desk.
    You've pieced together the code for the armory door in the Storage Facility: 1-2-3-4.
  • Return to Orson
    You've found Orson's schematics. They're from FORCE, an out-system weapons manufacturer. They are almost certainly contraband.


Vulcan's Hammer Walkthrough

Speak to Orson Shaw near the Workbench in Roseway to gain this quest. Head out of Roseway to the south and make your way to the Storage Facility. Once there, defeat the marauders and you will come to an Armory Door that is locked. You need Storage Facility Passcode from Auntie-Biotics Lab to get in.

Come back with the code and loot the FORCE Pistol Schematics from the basement (it's on the wall, 11000xp). You'll find the Acid Steeper on the way there on a shelf, just above where the schematics will be found. You'll need the Steeper for The Cleaning Machine quest.

Return to either Orson or Gladys for your reward. If you return to Orson, ask why he didn't turn in this contraband. You can Intimidate or Persuade (45) him to get him to buy the weapon for 100 Bit Cartirdge, but you'll lose Auntie Cleo Reputation (5% negative).


Vulcan's Hammer Rewards

Giving to Orson gives you 21000 XP, 1,875 Bits, Auntie Cleo Reputation and the Ultimatum pistol

Giving it to Gladys Botches the quest, but nets you 1,875 Bits


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    • Anonymous

      Apparently, I managed to come across those schematics while out in the open world. I don't remember them, but the only dialogue option I get is to tell Orson I sold it, which gives me negative Auntie Cleo rep. I missed Orson when I was going through this area. I'm already into Byzentium (spelling?). I doubt I even have a save that old, even if I knew when I sold it - which I don't - or wanted to have to replay half the damn game - which I do not. I didn't even get any XP for completing the quest. Really sours my experience in the game.

      • Anonymous

        Looks like there are a few outcomes here; Keep the scheme and you'll add it to your ship as decoration Sell it to Gladys and you'll start finding a new weapon made by Joch being sold available in normal and v2.0 - they have the same stats as the FORCE pistol Orson gives you tho

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